USBDM (JS16 Minimal Version) V4.8
Data Fields

BDM_Options_t Struct Reference

BDM interface options. More...

#include <USBDM_API.h>

Data Fields

int targetVdd
  • Target Vdd (off, 3.3V or 5V)

int cycleVddOnReset
  • Cycle target Power when resetting

int cycleVddOnConnect
  • Cycle target Power if connection problems)

int leaveTargetPowered
  • Leave target power on exit

int autoReconnect
  • Automatically re-connect to target (for speed change)

int guessSpeed
  • Guess speed for target w/o ACKN

int useAltBDMClock
  • Use alternative BDM clock source in target

int useResetSignal
  • Whether to use RESET signal on BDM interface

int maskInterrupts
  • Whether to mask interrupts when stepping

int reserved1 [2]
  • Reserved

int manuallyCycleVdd
  • Prompt user to manually cycle Vdd on connection problems

int derivative_type
  • RS08 Derivative

int interfaceSpeed
  • CFVx/JTAG etc - Interface speed (kHz).

int miscOptions
  • Various misc options

int usePSTSignals
  • CFVx, PST Signal monitors

int reserved2 [2]
  • Reserved

Detailed Description

BDM interface options.

Field Documentation

  • CFVx/JTAG etc - Interface speed (kHz).

  • Other targets automatically determine interface speed.

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