USBDM  V4.12
History & Issues

Revision History

USBDM V4_12_1_140 (Sept 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_130 (July 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_120_b (July 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_110 (June 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_100 (June 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_80 (Feb 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_70 (Jan 2016)

USBDM V4_12_1_60a (Dec 2015)

USBDM V4_12_1_60 (Dec 2015)

USBDM V4_12_1_50 (Dec 2015)

USBDM V4_12_1_40 (Oct 2015)

USBDM V4_12_1_30 (Sep 2015)

USBDM V4.12.1.20 (Sep 2015)

USBDM V4.12.1.10 (Aug 2015)


USBDM V4.11.1.80 (Not released)

USBDM V4.11.1.70#2 (Aug 2015) (previous upload was incomplete)

V4.11.1.60 (Jun 2015)

V4.11.1.50 (Jun 2015)

V4.11.1.40 (May 2015)

V4.11.1.30 (May 2015) Linux versions added Minor fixes

V4.11.1.20 (May 2015)

Bugs & Limitations

V4.11.1.10 (May 2015)

Bugs & Limitations

V4.10.6.260 (February 2015)

V4.10.6.250a_Win (January 2015)

V4.10.6.250 (January 2015)

V4.10.6.240 (December 2014)

V4.10.6.230 (December 2014)

V4.10.6.220 (November 2014)

V4.10.6.210 (October 2014)

V4.10.6.200 (September 2014)

V4.10.6.190 (August 2014)

V4.10.6.180 (August 2014)

V4.10.6.170 (July 2014)

V4.10.6.160 (May 2014)

V4.10.6.150 (April 2014)

V4.1.6.140 (April 2014)

V4.1.6.130 (March 2014)

V4.1.6.120 (March 2014)

V4.10.6.110 (February 2014)

V4.10.6.100 (November 2013)

V4.10.6.80 (November 2013)

V4.10.6.80 (November 2013)

V4.10.6.40 (October 2013)

V4.10.6c (September 2013)

V4.10.6-1 (August 2013)

V4.10.6a (August 2013)

V4.10.6 (August 2013)

V4.10.5 (May 2013) -

V4.10.4 (January 2013) -

V4.10.3 (November 2012) -

V4.10.2 (October 2012) -

V4.10.0 (September 2012) -

V4.9.5 (July 2012) -

V4.9.4 (April 2012) -

V4.9.3 (March 2012) -

Limitations & Maintenance

Unusual Errors

The following error indicates that the memory image being programmed contains data outside of the Flash memory of the target. This includes the target RAM.
The USBDM stand-alone programmer produces an error because it doesn't make sense to 'program' something to, for example, RAM. If your program image contains data destined to RAM then it would (usually) indicate that there is a mistake in the memory map since such data would be lost when the target is reset. It seems sensible to flag this as an error.


Known Issues



The drivers and programmers have been tested with the following devices where supported by the particular programmer version (basic programming, debugging and clock trim where applicable):

Hardware Errata